• the capsule selection can be made in the webshop at the capsule store button, you select the brand, type and quantity and add to basket, after that press the proceed to order button
  • calling or texting to this telephone number +381691122087

The price of coffee is written beside every article and is a price  per pack. The number of capsules in package is also written beside the price.

The minimal order is 1 pack of any coffee.

The cost of delivery is paid by the customer. If the order is above 10.000,00 dinars the delivery is free.

  • normal customers pay upon delivery to the delivery man by cash
  • companies can pay via bank transfer

The recommended length of beverage is only a suggestion by the manufacturer for the reason where they thing the beverage will be at it”s fullest quality. This shouldn”t be  cosidered as a rule, because everyone has a specific taste, and it is ok to experiment. Most machines have only 2 buttons (espresso and lungo), while some have 3 (ristretto, espresso and lungo). The standard coffee beverage sizes are ristretto 25ml, Espresso 40ml and lungo 110 ml.


For any additional questions you can contact us via the contact form or telephone on the contact page.