We currently sell 2 types of capsules: Nespresso  and Tassimo



Nespresso®  is a part of the Swiss food  giant Nestle SA. Nespresso is a pioneer u the world of coffee capsules  and has been making them since 1986. Today it is the number 1. coffee brand in the world.


Starbucks is an American coffee brand, which  does its business through its wide spread cafeteria”s. In 2019. Starbucks and Nespresso made a cooperation where Nespresso packs and Starbucks supplies the coffee.


Illy is probably the most famous espresso coffee brand in the world. Illy comes form Trieste, Italy, and dates from 1933. In 2019. in cooperation with JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts)  launches a Nespresso compatible capsule.


Jacobs is a part of Jacobs Douwe Egberts corporation(JDE), a Dutch food giant, the main rival to Nestle. After Nespresso lost the patent wrights to machines and capsules they launched a nespresso compatible capsule. They were the first to make a aluminum capsule, at a lower cost, and they proved that cheaper isnt always of a lower quality.


L”Or (means gold, translated from French) is a brand of JDE. As it”s name suggests, the goal  of this brand is perfection. Although a part of the same company  as Jacobs, L” Or  represents a slightly better coffee with gorgeous design od packaging. From 2017 it is a real rival to Nespresso, with it”s  rich flavor and unique coffee origins.


Tassimo is system of capsules used by Bosch Tassimo machines. In it”s essence it is a Dutch answer to Nestles Dolce Gusto system, a lower priced capsule. Their capsules are called T disc and are available in a variety of different flavors.